Our tools are build to autmoize virtual processes like in our newsletter system a customer fill out a form and customize the newsletter and after this step he will get monthly updates all this runns fully automatic. if you also want systems like this for your Company feel free to contact us then we will discuss more about your requirments.


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CharGen Studio

With Chargen Studio you can Customize 3d characters like you want after that you can take pictures of them and export it out of the software.


Our KnowledgeBase tool will help you solving problems quicker. if you found the solution for a common problem you can write a knowlage base acticle in our software. if your colleague have a similar problem he can search for a solution in the knowlage base. with your tips he will solve problems much faster.

Voice Bot

Our Voicebot works similar to alexa or Siri just for your pc you can start and close programms search for informations and much more with easy customizable voice commands

More Informations about our Tools

If you want to get more informatios about or tools please contact us.
then we will send you more informations about our tools, When you decide to order one of our
Tools we will also customize them that they fit to your needs.

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