Meltdown is a post apocalyptic Third-Person Shooter which takes place in a nuclear winter. Outside, it is so cold that humanity can only survive in old mines, vaults or domes which were built by the roboters. The earthcores heat kept those places warm. Your girlfriend is outside and you are tasked at saving her. But in order to do this, you have to unite the two last fractions.

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Galary and Videos

Watch some gamepaly of Meltdown on our YouTube channel there you will also find a video which will explain you the full complex story of meltdown.

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Our Goal is to publish and release MeltDown but there is still a lot to do we are not done with all the gameplay systems or maps for that we need more assets and developers which will cost us a lot of money. If you support us your name will be displayed at the outro of the game.

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Whats Special on MeltDown

MeltDown is a mixed Third and FirstPerson shooter which takes place in a post apocalyptic world which is controlled by the Russians. this scenario doesnt sounds really unique right ? but here is a list what make MeltDown special.


You can play MeltDown in both Third and First Person perspective or you can also play it in a mixed perspective where you play in third person but when you aim it switches to First person.

Smooth Gameplay

We worked a long time on the movement of Meltdown it is direct but looks also smooth and realistic

Weapon Customization

At the beginning you will start with simple weapons which you cant really customize later you can find grips and stocks to build your own custom weapon.. there are almost no limitations and so you can build unlimited ammound of weapons.

Parkour Movement

At the moment we are working on a Parkour Movement system which gives the player more options to get to locations where you first think that you can get to this point on the map. often there are also little secrets.

Dynamic Maps:

Some of the Maps will change their look over time for example meling/ falling snow will change the ground and there is also reactive snow/ plants/ objects.

No Linear Levels

MeltDown is no real Open world game but it contains large levels with different layers which you can explore to find new weapon parts etc. There are also different routes you can take if you want to rush or stealth.

The Story

The Story is more complex then you think in the first hours of the game but the more you will play the game the more you will understand the complex relations between the fractions and the characters.

Support MeltDown

If you want to support us then you can donate us on Paypal or Patreon. all donators will be displayed at the outro of the game, and there are also other benefits.

Download the Beta

Click the Following Button to get a Zip file which will include a installation guide and all the files you need to play the game