Welcome to Neox Entertainment

We are a group of passionate developers who love to turn the ideas and dreams of our customers into reality. We take care about everything from coding to Level Design. You dont even need any Ideas for Games we can also help you with that ! when do you will bring the dream of your own game into reality ?

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You are not sure if our skills fit to your project ?
then take a look at our previous works. You can also Contact us to make sure that we fit to your project. Iam happy to start working with you on your dream game.

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If you always want the latest news about our projects and MeltDown then follow our Newsletter. The Newsletter can also Includes precious Ue4 Tipps and Demos

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Our Goal is that Games are also can be used to be productive. We want to develop Games which helps the people to be even more productive then before. Also we want to Finish our biggest Project MeltDown for those big goals we can need every penny. so it would be awesome when you could Donate or support us on patreon

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How we made your live easyer:

Here are some Packages we can offer you to help you with your game or your real world projects/problems. problems are challenges let us help you to guide you troght those challanges.

Customize your (Online) FPS Game

With our FPS configurator you can easily configurate your dream fps game. This also works for multiplayer fps games.

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Customize your TPS Game

With our TPS configurator you can easily configurate your dream TPS game, of couse we can also add unique features etc for you to make your game unique.

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Customize your Mobile Games

Your biggest Dream is your own App which also generates money ? no problem we can help you to develop a hyper casual game or also a unique complex game or app for your phone

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Customize Your Level

Your Gamemechanics are almost done but you need a enviourment which fits to your story ? we will provide you a unique custom AAA quality level for your game. but we also have a map shop where you could buy maps.

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Ue4 Cinematic Tools

Our cinematictools will help you to plan and organize your Shootings. for example you can recreate the enviourment in the game after that you can place actors lights and cameras to get a overview about the scene.

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Tools for Everyone

Here you can find Software which helps you in special situations, for example you can create unique faces with our facegenerator.

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Web Design

You want a custom website to get more popular ? with a good optimized website you can reach and win more customers which means that also your earnings will rise. let us help you to create a unique SEO optimized website for you.

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Our Online Courses

Over the years we collected a lot of knowlage which we would like to share with you. in the courses you can learn how to create games, levels, websites and much more.

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Why People Choose Us

Communication is key to deliver the best possible result in addition, the following makes us special

Support 24/24

Get Supported in under one hour ! when you have a project Running you get support really quickly

Our Team

We are a International Team of Developers who love to work with our clients. We love it to make your dreams come to reality !

Personalized Content

We Customize Everything you want exactly like you want it. From Games, Tools and Maps we will work on your project until it is perfect

Our equipment

Fast Pcs and Fast Internet connection is key to create Huge Landscapes really quick so we can also download and upload the work quicker

Our Customers

The best way to Grow a Company is that customers recommend us. we are very grateful for every new Customer who was recommended by an old Customer of us. The more we earn as a company, the more we can give back our comunity. more free Games and more content on YouTube.

Our Goals

when your goals are small you maybe reach small milestones but when your goals are huge.. you maybe dont reach them but you get further then with small Goals so we have huge goals for the future.

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Start your Project Today

Often you dont start projects when you think to long... just start your
project today ! we will help you. so let us know how we can help you.

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