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You have the dream of your own ThirdPerson Shooter ? some years ago i had the same dream. I put a lot of work in to MeltDown but now i optimized my workflows and i have a small team which helps me with everything. I tooks 4 years for me to learn all the important stuff you need to know. Developing huge Games like Meltdown takes a lot of time when you do it by yourself but its not impossible. But its much easyer when you let us help you with the development because we already collected the knowlage with MeltDown.

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You are not sure if our skills fit to your project ?
then take a look at our previous works. You can also Contact us to make sure that we fit to your project. Iam happy to start working with you on your dream game.


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Our Goal is that Games are also can be used to be productive. We want to develop Games which helps the people to be even more productive then before. Also we want to Finish our biggest Project MeltDown for those big goals we can need every penny. so it would be awesome when you could Donate or support us on patreon

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About our Configurator

Try out our configurator for free if you are done with the configuration you can send the request to our developers then we will discuss a price and we can start the work on our project. The configurator includes some Assets from the Marketplace we will buy them for you and integrate them together at the end you have a cheap and awesome result. If you want a custom made third person shooter thats no problem too we can also do that for you. just contact us for projects like that.

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Why People Choose Us

Our sport experts and latest sports equipment are the winning combination.

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Get Supported in under one hour ! when you have a project Running you get support really quickly

Our Team

We are a International Team of Developers who love to work with our clients. We love it to make your dreams come to reality !

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We Customize Everything you want exactly like you want it. From Games, Tools and Maps we will work on your project until it is perfect

Our equipment

Fast Pcs and Fast Internet connection is key to create Huge Landscapes really quick so we can also download and upload the work quicker

Our Customers

The best way to Grow a Company is that customers recommend us. we are very grateful for every new Customer who was recommended by an old Customer of us. The more we earn as a company, the more we can give back our comunity. more free Games and more content on YouTube.

Our Goals

when your goals are small you maybe reach small milestones but when your goals are huge.. you maybe dont reach them but you get further then with small Goals so we have huge goals for the future.

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Often you dont start projects when you think to long... just start your
project today ! we will help you. so let us know how we can help you.